About Me

Hey! Sam Schaaf here.

What I do:

I enjoy writing helpful and easy to follow tutorials on all things about  how to take care of your nails, whether on your fingers or feet.  Hey, if you happen to grow nails somewhere else, my instructions should work with those ones too!  I’ve had to learn a lot of this the hard way, but here you have access to the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years.  

In addition, so I don’t leave any topic uncovered or any rock unturned, I also love to write helpful reviews on products that are out there that give good results with how to keep nails looking good and healthy.

==> Get rid of hangnails for good

Great tips on nail care

I’ve been in a lot of scenarios involving my own personal nail care that I wish I hadn’t had to be in.  But through the experiences, I’ve learned a lot of ways to take good care of nails, whether it’s home remedies for nails, infected nail care, cuticle care, how to use cuticle oil, how to get rid of a hangnail, hangnail causes and how to prevent hangnails, or anything else that has to do with nails.  Problems are miserable, often painful, and are better taken care of the right way.  And that’s why this blog exists.

Get rid of and prevent nail problems NOW

This website is a rich goldmine of information for you.  You will find practical tips for proper nail care.  What to use to get rid of your problem.  What things are out there that really help.  Things you can do at home, throughout the day, or when you sleep. Cuticle care. Trimming. Cuticle oil uses. Banishing infection. Doesn’t matter. If it has to do with nail care, it’ll be here.

If you are looking for what I find to be the best way to get rid of nail fungus, check out my review:

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If you are looking for what I find to be the best way to get rid of hangnails, check out my guide:

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And of course you’ll find other useful information around here, too!